Our missions

To develop air cargo services from Conakry

To ensure coordination between the different professionals

To conduct policies of quality, safety and security on air cargo services export

Our actions

For import :

the receipt of packages unloaded from aircraft, assuring control, number and weight receipts of the packages, registration and storage awaiting customs formalities and then exit freight for delivery to the customer at the shop door.

For export :

the receipt of packages declared by freight forwarders following a manifesto, weighing procedures and security control by xray after customs formalities, palletization and containerisation before sending to the aircraft .

The different types of freight

Freight Express

Express freight is characterized by rapid logistics conducting to a door to door delivery a soon as possible. This freight is carried on devices dedicated to companies called “Express operators’ or integrators.

The traditional cargo

The traditional cargo corresponds to goods carried on board of regular aircraft services,carried on board liner devices. This freight is treated as LTA (air waybill) by freight forwarders. This is a well diversified activity ranging from electronic part with very high added value to animals. Packages may therefore go from 1kg to several tons. A warehouse is dedicated to hazardous materials and a refrigerated warehouse is dedicated for small volume, drugs including.

Cargo Charter

This type of cargo air services correspond to goods carried on non-scheduled flights. The chartered aircraft are mainly dedicated to specific deliveries.

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